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Judgmental mountain folk irk local

Allen Best

CRESTED BUTTE – Like most ski towns, Crested Butte is decidedly liberal in its politics. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are names all heavy with pejorative connotations. Just the same, a local resident says the townspeople, with displays of “prejudice, intolerance, superiority and hypocrisy,” aren’t doing much better.”I was reminded of hypocrisy the other night at a gathering of friends,” wrote Caith Norton in a letter published in the Crested Butte News. “At one point a person explicated on how anorexic looking an acquaintance was, while not five minutes later another person exclaimed how horrified they were by a friend’s weight gain, commenting that ‘her arms flap while she points at something.'”Gay black men, unsightly legs, inferior mountain-bike riding abilities – in a number of ways, she said, the locals are passing self-righteous judgments that she compared to the Bush administration’s attitudes toward other countries and peoples.

WHISTLER, B.C. – Intrawest crews at Whistler-Blackcomb had a new hybrid-powered truck to test for a week, courtesy of General Motors. Checking out the two-wheel drive version (the four-wheel-drive version is still under development), the ski-area workers found it more than satisfactory.”It’s not all that different than a regular truck,” said Mark Peterson, a fleet maintenance supervisor. “It’s a bit heavier because of the battery, but that doesn’t seem to affect the performance all that much. “A few things are actually better. The acceleration is really impressive, really smooth, and most people like the idea of being able to plug power tools right into the truck.”In this design, a compact electric motor and torque converter replaces the starter motor in starting and engaging the engine. When the truck is in park or the driver isn’t accelerating, the gasoline engine stops running. Fuel savings are a minimum of 12 percent.General Motors will likely release the first hybrid vehicles late this year, with a line of trucks and SUV with conventional hybrid engines available in 2007.

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