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July seven degrees warmer than average

Cliff Thompson

If you thought July was hotter than normal, you were correct.

Temperature and precipitation recordings taken by Avon’s Frank Doll, a longtime weather watcher, confirm that.

The average daily temperature – 71 degrees – was nearly seven degrees higher than the average of 64.6 degrees. Average temperature is calculated by adding daily highs and lows, and dividing the result. The average daily high was 89.96 and average low, 52.16

Four times in July the temperature reached 93, it’s peak for the month. That’s still behind the record scorcher of 97 recorded on July 18, 1998.

Only 1.25 inches of rain fell in July, 69 percent of the 1.8 inch average.

Doll has been recording data as a local weather watcher for 32 years at his home in Avon, which sits at an elevation of 7,482 feet.

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