Jurassic 5 coming to Vail

Wren Wertin

J-5 is in the hood. DoubleJay Promotions, a local outfit, has just booked the West Coast hip-hop stars for the Vail Jam Rail Jam on March 29 at Dobson Arena.

“After three months of tenacity and persistence, the booking agent finally gave in,” said J.J. Jorgenson, DoubleJay President. “I think they just wanted to shut us up. We’re forking out a lot of money to get them, so I hope we get local support.”

It will be an all-ages show. Jurassic 5 is one of the few hip-hop bands that doesn’t use profanity as a matter of course.

“So a parent can send their 16-year-old without worrying that they’ll get warped,” he said.

Jorgenson organized last year’s rail jam on Bridge Street, complete with bubbling hot tub. In addition to the 25 professional riders, there will be “open field” competitors. The first 75 people to log on to – which will be up and running on Friday – will have the opportunity to register for the open field. Those 75 will meet at Gold Peak the morning of the competition. The best 10 will go on to compete at Dobson with the professionals.

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Tickets for the event will be $29, but Jorgenson will let locals buy tickets for $25 during the first few days. No word on an exact date yet. Anyone buying tickets can register for a lottery, the winners of which will receive VIP passes to the post-competition party at Sanctuary.

“We’ll also be throwing out $10,000 worth of schwag to the crowd – jackets, goggles, t-shirts,” said Jorgenson. “Hopefully, it will be pretty cool. We’re thinking it will be the last big party of the season. Everything DoubleJay does is going to be unusual. That’s the premise of the company.”

The Web site will be launched on Friday.

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