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Just a bit east of Hollywood

Don Rogers

We shouldn’t have joked in this space about this region at least not having to play host to Michael Jackson during this year of living celebrity.

Sure enough, last week Glenwood Springs police who were investigating a report about two masked men at their local Wal-Mart discovered none other than that dimunitive defendant in the one case weirder than Kobe’s.

Seems Jackson decided Colorado would be a fine place to show his kids some snow, so they decamped for Snowmass for a little vacation, a valley away from the press camped out at the Eagle County Courthouse for another Californian.

The police said that Jackson was just minding his business. Folks just are still a little edgy, since a still-unsolved murder was committed in that very same Wal-Mart not quite two years ago.

Tax man cometh

What is making local authorities think that Vail Valley voters are ready for a slew of property tax increases this year?

The Vail Recreation District had three of their own, now pared to one. This from a board that sold itself on belt-tightening and keen fiscal management. Anyone can use tax increases to help make the books work.

The town of Vail has its own budding tax hike questions for the voters to help make the public construction phase of its “renaissance” work.

The county has a couple of more property tax questions lurking. There’s Commissioner Tom Stone’s thought about a countywide recreation tax atop what the local recreation entities already collect. And there’s another potential tax for social service improvements on the drawing board. Surely the school district isn’t done asking, either.

The real question, though, is how much or even whether the voters will go for these.

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