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Just need to see it once in the Bible

Charles Patterson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding Mr. Dillon’s letter “Just can’t pick out one biblical edict”: I wonder if Mr. Dillon bought a parachute, how many times would the instructions need to state how to deploy the the parachute before it was believable?

Or if he purchased a new gadget, how many sections would need to include the directions for turning the gadget on?

“Judge, I’m not guilty of that infraction because the penal code only mentioned it once.”

The point is this: Those of us that are true believers know that if it is written in scripture, then God said it, and it only has to be said once, period!

In the beginning, it was clearly a man and a woman, and God stopped there. Why? Because that’s where He intended for it to stop. Man made other choices and man will pay the consequences. We already are.

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From Genesis on, the only relationships mentioned in scripture are between a man and a woman. It is written, it is written once, so God spoke it, and I believe it.

These are my beliefs, Mr. Dillon, and you and I will probably never agree and that’s OK. But as I stated in a previous letter, God’s word is only meant to be interpreted one of two ways: Right or wrong, and it only has to be stated once.

Charles Patterson


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