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Just say no to Eagle River Station

Brandi Resa
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I am not sure if it is my age or the amount of data, but I do not remember what made me attend the first meeting for the proposed Eagle River Station project in Eagle. I do know the reason I cannot sleep after the meetings is because, if approved, this project will change Eagle forever. After witnessing yet again the developer not being able to provide details, I have a few suggestions for the community of Eagle.

First, understand this project. If approved, Eagle will no longer be defined by summer concerts in the park, Christmas on Broadway and by the community feeling which permeates throughout many residents’ hearts and minds. Instead Eagle will be parking lots, 62-foot buildings and a shopping center which can already be found in Anytown, U.S.A.

Second, shop Eagle. Until I started attending these meetings, shop local meant the Vail Valley. No matter where you live, you will not find every item needed within 10 minutes of your location. This is true in Eagle, but unlike what some proponents say, Eagle does provide a good amount of shopping, dining and entertainment options. If you believe tax dollars are so important, you make choices every day which could impact these funds.

Third, grab a mirror. Most of us won’t accumulate great wealth to leave future generations. But as a community, we can leave something way more valuable which isn’t dependent upon gas prices or the vision of developers who do not live here. Ask yourself, is a shopping center the thing you want to pass along?

Fourth, take a trip. Go to Denver or Silverthorne for a few days. Is this really how you want to define Eagle?

Fifth and finally, look to our neighbors. Both Glenwood and Avon are now paying the price of developer’s promises which did not materialize. Eagle is an amazing place, and we should demand more to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes.

As I’ve said before, I ain’t too proud to beg. Please Eagle, wake up! No to ERS!

Brandi Resa


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