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Just say no, Vail Town Council

Jackie Gallagher
Vail, CO, Colorado

I urge the Town Council to vote no to the proposed Vail Village Master Plan amendment. I am concerned that the amendment restricts what could potentially be necessary additions to the parking structure-transportation center in the future. Land and open space are already limited in the village. Why would we throw away future opportunities to resolve these existing problems?

I am weary of the mess, the noise and the overall appearance of Vail as a construction zone. As guests drive into the valley, they should be charmed by the village and its ambience, not distracted by high-rise buildings and mile-high cranes. A construction project on the parking structure berm would be the center of attention; there is no hiding a project centered around the main entryway to Vail Village.

I fear that we will lose those guests that come for the atmosphere; those who come not to ski or raft or climb but to simply meander through the village on a sunny day. We are a world-renowned tourist destination. Let us not lose that distinction to congested streets, unappealing views and the inevitable urbanization that will eventually follow the passing of this amendment.

Jackie Gallagher

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