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Just want to whine?

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Don’t like the county commissioners voting to throw more money at child care? Here’s your solution: Vote for the home rule charter.

Sure, that’s got to hurt. It seems the very same folks so offended by the notion of county child-care funding also hate the home rule charter.

But the only way for citizens to do anything besides whine in letters to the editor, Tipsline or the Web comments is approve the home rule charter?

Why? The home rule charter provides the means for citizens outraged by such votes to call a referendum to try to reverse the offending decision.

Under strict state control, citizens in Eagle County have NO ability to do this.

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You can try to mount a recall; good luck with that. You can wait nearly two more years for the next commissioner election.

So which is it? Wring your hands and fume about those awful commissioners ” who you voted into office ” and their awful decisions? Or take a practical step to take more control of your county’s governance with more representation (a numerical fact) and the right to put issues on election ballots?

Seems pretty silly, not to mention ignorant, to holler about how terrible it is for the commissioners to fund child-care initiatives AND against your very means to do something about that.

Why shout about decisions when you are unwilling to take advantage of a tool that would actually allow you to change them?

It sounds like you haven’t quite thought this entirely through. If you are against the home rule charter, then you should just accept a fully legal, thought out decision by your commissioners.

If you are outraged by their decision, well, you should be eager to vote yes for home rule.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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