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"K-19′ movie review a disaster itself

Gus Nicholson

This might be excusable but for the fact that your paper provides this person a platform from which her artless effort tarnishes your mandate for informing your readers. It could be said that the review was badly written. That would fall woefully short of what I really mean to say, that her uninformed and, frankly, false diatribes against the film and one of its actors, stink. Oh, did I mention she insults our intelligence?I won’t substitute my opinion of the film for hers. As I said, anyone’s entitled. She could have realized that those who serve on submarines are called sailors, not soldiers. She could have noted that this was only the second time Harrison Ford had ever played a character who was not an American. She could have told us why she thought the recreation of the submarine set was “very authentic.” Had she been on the original K-19, or a similar Soviet-era vessel? I’m glad she found this point redeeming in the film. I’m sorry for her, and for us, that she missed everything else.What you exposed us to could be called “projection” by a competent psychologist. Or, perhaps, she wrote it in the bathroom trying to beat your deadline. Whatever it was, it was not criticism.The Vail Daily has come a long way in its editorial struggle to bring the valley real news and real content. For this, you are to be commended. But this review was crap, plain and simple.Gus NicholsonGypsumGreat showEagle County rules! When it’s time to put together a huge, five-day event, who ya gonna call? Dedicated parents, generous donors and the business community of Eagle County.The Northwest Colorado 4-H Livestock Exposition was recently held at the Eagle County Fairgrounds and was an outstanding success. This 35-year-old event is hosted on a yearly, rotating basis by seven northwest Colorado counties. The Expo is a chance for 4-H participants to have workshops and hands-on teaching of techniques for preparing and showing their 4-H projects.The Eagle Expo Committee consisted of Diane Bakken, Karen Carthy, Anna Doig, Niki Luark, Rika Moore, Kim Olson, Jackie Schlegel, Kendra Scott and Kris Whittaker.These volunteers spent months planning and organizing a virtually problem-free, smooth-running show.Knowing that many families could not afford the cost of lodging and meals, the leaders of the Rocky Mountain 4-H Club decided to furnish five days of meals free of charge to all participants and their families. Karen Carthy, Kris Whittaker and Kim Olson (three sisters) took on the job of finding donors to provide food for a small army. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was provided and the food was delicious.The success of this year’s Expo is due to the following. Citizens of Eagle County Fair Benefit, Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Board, Eagle County Commissioners, CSU Cooperative Extension, Lion’s Club, Eagle Fire Dept., Town of Gypsum, Holy Cross Electric, Jerry Hensel, Beaver Creek Metropolitan District, Joan Jaffee, Black Angus Beef, Nobel Sysco, Sintons Dairy, Columbine Market, Burger King, Wendy’s, The Eagle Diner, Steve’s BBQ, Marc’s Liquor, Rivera’s Buffalo Ranch, Choice of Champions, Dave Garton, Hobbs Excavating, Crazy Al’s Auto Body, Whittaker Landscaping, Castle Peak Veterinary, PetSmart, Steve Carver, Steve Leverence, Kathy Denson, Bill Rogers, Summit Lumber, Wylaco, AmericInn, Jeff Matthews, Doug Abbey, Tom Harris, Sandy VanCampen, Joyce Reiche, Kendra Scott, Ned Goldsmith, Maynard & Brett Smith, Burns Hole 4-H Club, Gypsum Creek 4-H Club, Eagle County 4-H Clubs.This event is the type of activity that teaches children the rewards of hard work and the valuable lessons of responsibility. Thank you all who took an active part in helping our children. Please take a moment to thank these people and stop in to visit these generous business sponsors.Eagle County is going to be a tough act to follow!Debra Dupree BattenRocky Mountain 4-H Club

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