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Karen Coats

Sport: Cross Country

Nickname: Coats

Age: 13

Class of: 2008 – BMHS

Coaches: Parish, Witter

Family: Brother Charlie Boy, dad Larry, mom Jane, dogs Saddie and Coal, a.k.a. Gimpy

What’s your favorite memory from this past summer? My memories with Racquie and Rachy. You guys rock

What’s your academic goal this school year? To do as good as humanly possible (well, within my limit)

What’s the best thing about your sport? The team, the coaches, the nicknames and last but not least, the mascots (penguin and the smelly ram)

How have you prepared for your season? Drank more water and ate better foods

Your idea of the perfect meal is … pasta with sauce and some beef, with yummy dessert!

Who’s your team rival? Montrose

Who’s your role model and why? The Penguin. He puts up with so many people touching him and man handling. He’s such a champ!

Sports drink or water? Water

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