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Kate Ball

School: Battle Mountain High School

Nickname: KateBall (and that is one word). KB and KateBall.com.

How many years in county: Six? I can’t count past seven.

Parent/s’ names: Cheryl and Mark (Mister Man) Ball

Siblings, ages: Erin (beans) Coy, The Lovely Lala and Kristin Elizabeth, all older than me.

OK, you’re 30: What have you done (college, job, kids etc.), where do you live and what do you do? I’m 30, and I own a deserted island because I’m richer than you. I’ll have huge tours, platinum albums, and lots and lots of groupies (in fact, you’ll be one). I’ll have about six more years to crank out kids and five years and three months to get married, even if I feel the urge to do that thing they refer to as settling down (how boring).

What items might you put in a personal time capsule to open at your 20th high school reunion? Why those? A tree. I like trees.

Best high school memory: Distractions in French class, i.e. the wave, counseling office, getting detention for that and so many other things, enjoying detention. Other faves: 1. Battle Mountain misuse of the word talent. 2. Loaded Joe’s at 2 a.m. on a school night. 3. Eyebrow. 4. The fact that everybody knows who Steven Page is.

Favorite teacher and why: Teachers in order of appearance: Mr. Mister (You’re still naming your first born after me, right?), Donovan (Who I love to hate), Miss Franklin (Who I love to love), Miss Moriarity (I never know how to spell your name), Miss Kennedy (Nagger!), Miss Welbaum. Wow, I’m such a geek for actually having a favorite, let alone seven. Why? They passed me and never sent me to detention and dealt with my crap famously. Good job for you.

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