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Keep a leash on it

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail, Colorado CO

Every dog owner thinks their dog won’t bite, until it does. Every dog owner believes their dog is well-behaved, until it isn’t.

That’s why we have to disagree with Avon Police Chief Brian Kozak, who supports relaxing some of the town’s leash laws.

Kozak recommends the town allow dogs under voice control be without a leash in common areas of apartments, mobile-home complexes, condos and subdivisions. That would leave it up to property owners, managers or housing associations to decide if their dogs need to be leashed at all times.

Under Kozak’s proposal, dogs still would have to be on a leash in public areas, like sidewalks and Nottingham Park. After all, people have a right to walk, run and jog without worrying that a dog might come barreling after them.

People should also have that right when they’re walking through their condo complex parking lot, or when they’e playing with their kids in the grassy area they share with their neighbor.

And it’s our local police’s responsibility to protect that right.

It’s hard not to support a town official who wants fewer rules and regulations, not more. Dogs do need the exercise, and owners need a place to develop voice control and obedience with their pets while they are off their leashes. Those of us who don’t have private yards risk getting a ticket when we let our dogs run free for a little bit.

Creating a dog park in Avon would be a good way to give dogs, and dog owners, what they need. Dog parks also would better ensure that dogs are in control, and that everyone around them, especially children, stay safe.

” T. M.

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