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Keep Eagle a community

Don Rogers

Eagle resident Porter Wharton has fastened on the nub – or at least a symptom – of that line between mountain burg and impersonal city.One of the touchstones of community up here is the post office. Yes, that sometimes maligned post office. As Wharton points out in a letter to the editor published Monday, one of the blessings of that trek to the PO box is meeting everyone else in town who makes the same journey.When a community gets a little bigger and grows into a place with home delivery, well, something is lost. It’s more valuable than we might realize. These chance meetings at a common place, in this case while collecting our mail, are a key to building and maintaining community.And community is more valuable than having the mail delivered to homes, even if you have to make more of an effort to forge it.Eagle’s well-meaning bid for home mail delivery is misguided. The ulitmate cost is too high, not worth the convenience. The result would fray that fiber that makes smalltown America so great. The unintended consequence of mail delivery is that bit more isolation from our neighbors. If we don’t know our neighbors quite as well, it seems that we don’t consider our neighbors perhaps as much as we should, and vice versa. Maybe that sounds a little esoteric, but it’s also true.Wharton goes farther in his letter, suggesting that the town post office be moved back into downtown – the old, real downtown of Eagle. Raise the traffic at the town core, put people more in position to know each other, and help keep the town a true community. It actually makes sense.Vail, Colorado

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