Keep Eagle’s rural charm |

Keep Eagle’s rural charm

We are writing this letter to plead with anyone who is involved with the planning and development of Eagle River Station. We do not want to see high density development, with either commercial/retail space or residential space. It makes us sick to think that the lands proposed along the I-70 corridor, could soon be approved to be developed as currently proposed. We would prefer open space instead, viewing the elk herds and grazing cattle.

We know that it is naive to believe that there won’t be some sort of development in these areas, however, we do not want to live in a town that promotes such a huge, high density development in that area. We also would prefer to keep the small mom and pop stores in the downtown area.

We have lived in Edwards and Vail, and adore the small, charming feel that the town of Eagle has to offer. That’s really what keeps Eagle so different from all of the other towns in the valley, from Vail to Gypsum … they do not offer an actual “downtown” business area.

We also find it hard to believe that a development of this size would be in Eagle’s best interest. The sprawling developments only continue to link us with the high density growth that’s taking place all along the Western Slope. Please help us to keep Eagle’s rural charm.

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