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Keep it on the porch

Scott Cunningham

A man drinking a beer on the sidewalk in front of the Sunridge complex in Avon turned out to be a wanted felon.The suspect, upon noticing an Avon Police officer approaching him, ran into his home, but the officer saw him through an open porch window and asked him to come back outside. The man complied, and the officer informed him that it was OK to drink a beer on his porch, just not on the sidewalk.He then asked for an ID from the suspect, and when he ran it through the computer, discovered a warrant out for his arrest on a felony charge of check fraud. The officer then arrested the man.Dennis the MenaceThe back window of a Gypsum woman’s car was shot out on Aug. 29 with a BB gun or a sling shot, according to Eagle County Sheriff’s reports. It was the second time it has happened to the woman, but due to a lack of leads, the case is inactive.Unoriginal tagOn Aug. 22, the number “13” was scrawled on a wall in the boy’s locker room at Eagle Valley High School with a black marker. There are no leads, and the case is inactive.

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