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Keep Vail green

Werner and Gilda Kaplan
Vail, CO, Colorado

We’ve lived in Vail for 23 years.

We formerly lived in the canyons of New York City, where buildings are in very close proximity to adjacent buildings with little or no green space between them. That’s one of the reasons we moved here! Open space!

We are disappointed that the Vail Planning Commission voted to take away the green space on the south side of the parking structure for private development. We now appeal to the Vail Town Council to deny this modification to the transportation center and parking structure.

Many of our guests come from metropolitan areas, and part of Vail’s appeal and charm is that we are a small town. When these guests walk around, they see space and sky, not building after building so close to one another that we resemble an urban area.

Open space is a valuable commodity. Once gone, it’s gone.

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Having passed the Planning Commission 3-2, we hope the Town Council will vote down this project. Having green space is important to our guests and to us.

Vail also has been a construction zone for many years. This was a necessity to maintain our position as a world-class resort. When current projects are completed, let’s have a change of scenery and get rid of construction cranes. Vail residents, let the council hear your voice (townncouncil@ or be at the council meeting on Tuesday when this subject comes up for a vote.

The questions to be considered are: Do we really need another construction zone, should the original intent for this land be changed, should any changes be made by amending the master plan or by public vote, and do we want to lose this open green space?

Don’t urbanize Vail!

Werner and Gilda Kaplan


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