Keep your hangover in a whine-free zone |

Keep your hangover in a whine-free zone

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There’s that place between awake and asleep, where Tinker Bell lives, and where you think you might not have the morning after to pay for your night before.

You’re mistaken, of course. You have a hangover.

Hangovers are self-inflicted wounds and no one wants to hear you whine about them. In the immortal words of the great Billy Joel, “You cry to your coffee, but don’t come bitchin’ to me.”

Hangovers are not fatal, just painful.

Naturally, the best way to avoid a hangover the morning after is to avoid getting that drunk the night before.

But it was New Year’s Eve yesterday, and well, and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

We made a round of phone calls to some bartenders and a couple health professionals, and they all said pretty much the same stuff: If it hurts when you do that, don’t do that.

Water water everywhere

Hangover symptoms are signs of dehydration caused by the alcohol.

Drinking water the night before helps prevent dehydration the morning after. It’s also supposed to help wash out your system from the alcohol.

You should also drink water between drinks. It helps keep you hydrated and slows down your drinking.

Then there’s eating. You should, before, during and after.

You can even put some lemon in your water, it’ll help soothe your stomach and will add vitamin C. Juice is also a good idea.

Also, drink your water at room temperature.

Do not drink coffee, at least not right away. It has acids in it, and that’s about the last thing you need. Caffeine will dehydrate you more, and it’s also a diuretic. That’s bad for someone in your condition.

You now need something to eat. A few slices of plain toast might be in order. Later, when you’re closing in on normal, you’ll want something like chili or steak. But for now, plain toast without butter or jam.

Pain killers are your friend

There’s the hair of the dog. Some of what’s going on is alcohol leaving your system. To balance things out, a bloody mary might be in order, or maybe a flat beer.

Mostly, though, pain killers are your friend. Take aspirin or ibuprofen. Advice differs about whether to take them the night before, the morning after, or both. Do not take acetaminophen-based pills. They can be dangerous when you mix them with as much alcohol as you’ve had.

And, of course, sleep it off and remind yourself that the New Year’s Eve midnight kiss you got Friday night is worth the pain you’re feeling this morning.

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