Kelly turns blue for 2006 |

Kelly turns blue for 2006

Shauna Farnell

United States Ski and Snowboard Association spokesman Tom Kelly is wearing his share of his team’s medals round up. It’s the first time he’s participated like this in his six Olympic Games.

In Nagano, 1998, alpine snowboarder Rosey Fletcher dyed her hair blue. It was her first Winter Games. She ended up with a DNF, but a pact was made. And now Kelly has blue hair … and it’s going to be there for a while.

“(In Nagano) I was like, ‘Rosey, your hair looks really cool.’ She said, ‘I have some dye up in the room, how about we do yours?’ I thought about it and said, maybe we’ll do that. You get on the Olympic podium some day, and I’ll dye my hair blue.'”

The 2002 Olympic PGS race came and went for Fletcher. She ended up placing 26th.

“I was ready four years ago. I was ready and prepared,” Kelly said.

In Torino 2006, Fletcher became the only U.S. snowboarder to compete in three Olympics.

And she walked away with a bronze.

“The gauntlet was laid down at the opening press conference,” Kelly said. “She didn’t bring any dye with her, so we had to go to a salon. So my friends Jean-Marc and Jean-something and Claude-something did the job.”

When asked what the general reaction has been so far to Kelly’s new look as opposed to “the real thing” he said, “Well, there’s not much of the real thing, so it’s getting rave reviews so far.

“The real test is when you get on the airplane to go home and everyone’s like, ‘What the hell happened to your hair?'”

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