Kelsey Dayo Peck, VMS |

Kelsey Dayo Peck, VMS

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Kelsey Dayo PeckVail Mountain SchoolTown you live in: Eagle w/mom. Homestead w/dad.In the valley for: 15 years.Have you been affected by senioritis: Not really. I started to procrastinate towards the middle of the year but when I started to get my midterms back I realized that I couldnt let things slide.Future plans: Travel to Nepal this summer. Attend Seattle University. Train for soccer during the summer with Pete.Fondest high school memory : Traveling to India with Ethically Engaged Youth.How your high school has prepared you for the future: Academically, Im pretty much ready for anything that comes my way. Ive learned not to procrastinate, to organize my time and get things done efficiently and effectively.Something few people know about you: I have a dent in my head.What makes you smile: Playing soccer anywhere/anytime.

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