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Ketchum if you canFirst of all, let me thank you for including an interview with Hal Ketchum in the Vail Trail. I wish it could have been a little more in depth. As a long time Hal Ketchum fan, there is so much more to him as an entertainer and person than people realize. And so much more to his music than just his “hits.” He has a fan base that is very devoted, and these fans have all been touched by his music in one way or another. A prime example is an acquaintance of mine driving all the way from Amarillo to see him while he is in Colorado next week. His music is certainly not today’s “main stream” country, thank goodness. For many of us, Wednesday night’s concert at the Vilar Center won’t be the first concert we will have ever been to, and certainly not the last. I encourage people to come out and listen to a truly talented singer and songwriter.Melody Hillismhillis9@yahoo.comBridget’s coolHey Bridget,I happened to come across one of your articles through a link on the Guttermouth website (see “Lushious Living,” at, Feb. 24 edition). I really enjoyed the article. I thought it was cool how you weren’t afraid to say that you stuck out like a sore thumb.Lata…

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