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Kick off your Sunday shoes

Caramie SchnellVail, CO Colorado
AE footloose PU 4-20-07

EAGLE-VAIL – Dig out your canvas Converse Chucks, slip on your vintage cigarette pants (or your brand new Gap variety) and head over to Battle Mountain High School Thursday. Nearly 40 high schoolers (and two eighth-graders) will put on their version of the classic ’80s musical “Footloose” beginning Thursday and continuing with Saturday and Sunday performances. The scene is hick-central, otherwise known as Beaumont, Texas. Ren McCormack (played by Sean Pack), fresh from the big city of Chicago, is outraged when he finds out dancing is against the law in his new town. Granted, it makes little to no sense, but this is a prime slice of feel good ’80s cheese, so just go with it.Although Pack said he’s never actually watched the entire 1984 cult classic where Kevin Bacon plays Ren, Pack is animated and passionate, as well as comfortable in the role. Pack doesn’t have plans to watch the film before the show opens tonight, he said.”I try and keep the characters I play as original as possible. Maybe if I don’t watch it at all my character will be more personal.”

The best thing about the production is the intense energy of the cast, Pack said.”It’s one of the best productions the high school has dished out in a long time,” Pack said. “The combination of the talent, the numbers and it’s just the right show selection.’Spicy dance moves’We asked director Suzanne Foster why people should see the show. “Adults will know the music because it came out in the ’80s and the dancing is incredibly energetic. There are themes of youth versus age and rebellion, all ongoing themes, still relevant today. Plus, it’s a fun show.”

Footloose marks freshman Mauri Cummins’ first high school theater production. Cummins, 15, is in the teen chorus.”My favorite part is (the song) ‘Holding out for a Hero,’ all the girls get up and sing” about searching for the perfect guy, she said.”It’s a very fun show, there’s a lot of comedy but it’s also an emotional show that has a lot of passion in it. It has all the good elements of a good musical,” Cummins said.The dance captain for the performance, Pearl Burkham, said the show will surely be a hit among the younger crowd.

“For little kids it will be really inspirational to see one person change the whole town,” she said.Senior Mike Scigliano plays the Rev. Shaw Moore and the protective father of Ariel (played by Katie Denton), the lead female. “People should come because of the spicy dance moves,” he said.Arts & Entertainment Writer Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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