Kickboxing party crasher busted in Eagle |

Kickboxing party crasher busted in Eagle

J.K. Perry

EAGLE ” An uninvited Eagle party crasher ripped off his shirt, bragged about being a kickboxing champion and destroyed a neighbor’s patio furniture, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.

The melee began when the man showed up at an Eagle party on Aug. 5 with his buddy and drank some booze, and then argued with some of the other partygoers, the report said.

He argued with two women, shoved one of them and took a swing at another male, the report said.

Several gentlemen tackled the man and held him until police arrived. Based on his glazed and watery eyes, Sheriff’s deputies decided he was drunk, the report said.

He was arrested for criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and three counts of harassment, the report said.

The buddy was not charged with a crime.

AVON ” For the second time in two weeks, a woman got pelted by a paintball along U.S. Highway 6 in Avon, according to a Sheriff’s report. The woman was riding her bike Aug. 7 when she got tagged in the hip by a paintball containing powder, the report said.

She saw the paintball coming, but didn’t see the shooter or where the ball came from.

On July 30, a woman’s taxi was hit by three paintballs while she drove down the highway, according to another Sheriff’s report. One paintball hit the hood, while the other two splattered on the passenger side doors, but did not cause damage, the report said.

The paintballer is still at large.

EAGLE ” A group of roommates saving vacation money in a bedroom dresser noticed some of the cash missing recently, so they took measures to nab the culprit, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The roommates suspected their neighbor of the thievery, the report said. Two of the roommates, who were brothers, set up a video camera pointed at the dresser and caught their neighbor on tape Aug. 7, the report said.

One brother invited the man over and both brothers confronted the neighbor, who denied stealing the money, the report said.

The neighbor got nervous and reached for a shotgun leaning nearby against the wall, the report said. The brothers jumped him and one of them subsequently pulled another gun, pointed it at the neighbor and told him not to move, the report said.

The neighbor pled with the brothers not to call the cops and admitted to taking the money, the report said.

The neighbor told the cops he only stole some marijuana from the residence, the report said. One brother admitted to keeping a small amount of the drug, the report said.

The exact amount of money stolen was not mentioned in the report, although the roommates said they were saving $2,000 for the vacation. The neighbor was arrested by Eagle police and booked in jail, although charges were not available with the report.

WOLCOTT ” A Wolcott nursery employee went to work and found pretty much everything worthwhile missing, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Locks on the front gate and six trailers were cut, the report said. Hand tools, mowers, lawn-care equipment and even the side mirrors of pickup truck were stolen, the report said.

The employee estimated another $20,000 worth of tools in a cage disappeared from a locked maintenance shed, the report said.

Deputies found tire tracks from a truck that had been backed up onto the property.

EDWARDS ” A construction company and plumber found Aug. 9 that $4,000 in cable and $650 in equipment and metal fittings were stolen from an Arrowhead construction site, according to a Sheriff’s report.

Four 1,000-feet rolls of cable disappeared and the plumber lost a drill and several boxes of brass and copper fittings, sheriff’s reports said.

A neighbor saw a burgundy or brown pickup truck enter the site around 8 p.m. on Aug. 8. Arrowhead security reviewed video surveillance of the area.

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