Kickin’ back at the Lodge |

Kickin’ back at the Lodge

Wren Wertin
special to the Daily Boulder-based Possum Logic dishes out a little bit of everything for State Bridge Lodge's opening day concert.

Once you get beyond the “safer, cleaner” mantra that’s become synonymous with State Bridge Lodge, there are two more guidelines that appear with regularity: plates piled high and better music. State Bridge celebrates opening weekend today and Sunday with Flux5, Possum Logic and ZILLA.

“This will be a nice fun, kind of a soft opening,” said Scott Stoughton, co-general manager. “We’ll (the staff) actually all get to hang out and enjoy the music for the only time this whole summer. Everyone really likes Possum Logic a lot, and they play marathon shows. And Sunday is great – really great musicians.”

The music

Possum Logic, or the band formerly known as Acoustic Semi, is no stranger to State Bridge. They opened the 2002 season at State Bridge on Cinco de Mayo.

The group’s claim to fame is two songwriters in the group, both of whom lead them into new territory almost constantly. According to Possum’s Pete Kartsounes (acoustic and electric lead guitar, vocals and harmonica), his band is a perfect fit for State Bridge.

“It’s good time music,” he said. “I think that no matter what genre of music people like to listen to, we’re going to cover all the ground. It’s good music to hang out with your friends by the river, have a few drinks. I’d be stoked to hear a band playing funk and ska and bluegrass and rock.”

He also likes the general atmosphere of State Bridge, which is located in the middle of nowhere, or the only place to be in the summers, depending on your perspective.

“Once you park the car, you don’t have anything to worry about,” he said. “It’s rustic, and there’s a great vibe, great atmosphere. Nothing to worry about.”

Kartsounes is aided and abeted on stage by Brendan MacNaughton (acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals), drummer Ryan Sapp, bassist Jason Greisa and the Hallellulah Man – James “The Reverend” Thomas on keys.

Boulder-based Possum Logic recently returned from a three-week tour in the Southwest; before that they were on the road with North Missisippi All-Stars, for whom they open quite a bit. They plan to travel with them again during the summer.

“We all get along really well, work together well on a professional level,” he said about the two bands. “They target more toward rock ‘n’ roll and blues, and we have some of that, and actually throw in more of that when we play with them. We’re more on the rock funky side of things, while they’re more Mississippi blues.”

Kartsounes sees opening concerts as a good way to get their name out – playing for sold-out audiences is always a good experience. This is their first concert in Colorado since their tour.

“The band has never sounded better, and looking forward to being back in Colorado,” continued Kartsounes. “We’ve got a bunch of new tunes that we’ve worked up – I think we counted113 original tunes that we’ve got and we’re ready, we’re tighter than ever.”

Local boys Flux5, a funk outfit, opens for the group. After a couple of incarnations, Flux5 has been holding steady funky with their current lineup since last fall.

“We’re finally all getting used to playing together,” said Dave Laub, sax man. “We tuned up at Sandbar to get ready for the summer season, so now we’re ready to start ripping through them.”

Laub and company spent the winter writing, and about half their repertoire is comprised of original material.

The food

The State Bridge Lodge kitchen is open daily at 11 a.m., unless there’s a weekend event – which is almost every weekend – in which case they serve breakfast Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings at 9.

“I’m psyched about the menu,” said Stoughton. “We all kind of threw in our ideas. There’s some specialties from our cooks from Mexico, like Chihuahua tacos. We’ve got a curry tuna salad and shish kabobs, which are Bridge kabobs. It really works out well because a lot of the people here are full carnivores and I’m vegetarian, so we’ve got good ying and yang. Our philospohy is food piled high.”

Unless you’re on a raft and simply want a place to eat mid-way down the river, State Bridge works best as a multi-day destination. Cabins and yurts are available for rent; there’s free camping nearby. For more information, call the Lodge at 653-4444 or visit

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