Kids’ contest: If you give a mouse a? |

Kids’ contest: If you give a mouse a?

Vail, CO Colorado
"If you gave a mouse a palm tree." Lauren Vossler, Stone Creek Charter School, second grade, 3rd place.

Elementary school students drew pictures and wrote stories inspired by the childrens book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The students were asked to complete the sentence, If you give a mouse a … . Students in kindergarten through second grade were asked to draw pictures while third through fifth graders wrote stories. The contest was sponsored by the Junior Guild, a nonprofit organization that gets kids involved in the arts. Here are some of the winning stories and drawings.

If you give a mouse a dog, hell want to find it a name, so youll have to walk around town to find it a good name.

They searched for hours. Theyll go to the museum no name there. Theyll go to the park almost found a name but they werent sure they liked it, but they kept it in their heads. The mouse had an idea. It wasnt to find the dog a name but the idea was still good the mouse was too small to walk the dog so the dog walked the mouse. The dog ran off and found a friend. They asked, What is your name? He told them he didnt have a name so they helped him find a name. They thought and thought and then the friends said, Lets try the ice cream shop. They always have good names. They walked and walked and soon they got to the shop. They asked if they knew a good name for a dog. They said, Of course we do. Theres all sorts of names. Theres strawberry, chocolate and raspberry. Yes! Lets name the dog chocolate. Thats a perfect name. Once the dogs done finding a name, hell ask for one more.

If you give a mouse an egg, he will want a basket to put it in. When you give him the basket, he will want some grass to keep the egg safe. When you pass by the candy aisle, it will remind him the egg does not have any candy inside. When you get the candy, he will want more eggs to put all the candy in. Then it will remind him of an Easter egg hunt. So when you get home, he will want you to hide the eggs in the grass outside. When you hide them, he will remember about the basket as it does not have any prizes. So he will ask you to go back to the store and get some prizes and more candy for his basket. When you get back home, he will remember about the Easter egg hunt. He will want to find the eggs. While he looks for the eggs, you put the prizes in his basket. When he is finished, you give him his basket. He plays with the toys and eats all his candy!Seeing the mess of toys and candy across the grass will remind him of his empty basket, and hell probably ask for some grass to put in it. Seeing the basket will remind him of Easter and chances are, if you give him the basket, he will want an egg to put in it.

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