Kids’ contest: If you give a mouse a … ? |

Kids’ contest: If you give a mouse a … ?

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Special to the Daily"If you give a mouse a horse," by Emma Liddick, Stone Creek Charter School, kindergarten, 3rd place.

Elementary school students drew pictures and wrote stories inspired by the childrens book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The students were asked to complete the sentence, If you give a mouse a … . Students in kindergarten through second grade were asked to draw pictures while third through fifth graders wrote stories. The contest was sponsored by the Junior Guild, a nonprofit organization that gets kids involved in the arts. Here are some of the winning stories and drawings.

If you give a mouse a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hell need to have a glass of water or a glass of milk because hell need to un-stick his mouth because it got stuck by the peanut butter.

Youll also need to get grape jelly and crunchy peanut butter because thats all hell eat. If he says he wants to sit on the couch and watch TV then you have to say yes or else hell have a screaming and crying tantrum and you dont want that to happen. Then of course youll have to give him his crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. At the end of all you did, hell tell you that he is so tired and hell ask you if youll take him to the bedroom and read him a story to help him go to sleep.

If you give a mouse a Pepsi, shell want to pour it into a cup. When shes finished, shell want you to wash her cup. When youre done with that, shell see a dirty spot on her cup. Then shell want to take a bath and shell want to take the cup with her. When she gets out of the bathtub, shell notice her towel is ripped so shell ask you to go to the store. Youll tell her not right now. That will remind her of her moms sayings. She will think of her mom so much shell want to make her something. So shell ask you for some glue, scissors, construction paper and crayons. When she finishes her project, shell want to go to her moms house. Youll tell her its too far away. Then shell get bored.

If you a mouse a wand, chances are hell ask for a top hat and a cape. After that hell ask for an opinion on his look. When hes satisfied, hell ask for a stage on which to perform. But he will need an audience to perform to. Hell ask for a telephone to call and invite all of his friends over. When the crowd arrives to watch the performance they will ask for some cookies. You will find yourself baking three trays of cookies. Finally, the show starts and you sit down to watch. Though some tricks will be hard to see because of the mouses size, he will make your jaw hang down in astonishment. Hell pull a rag in front of a penny and when he removes it there will be nothing but thin air. Hell even start to levitate. The crowd will go wild and, chances are, theyll ask for wands. Other winners:

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