Kids cooking camp teaches life-long skills in the kitchen (video) |

Kids cooking camp teaches life-long skills in the kitchen (video)

In the Vail Valley, there are a variety of day camps for kids that are music, art and sports focused but what about developing life-long skills in the kitchen? Ally Stephens with Season to Taste aims to teach kids life-long skills on how to navigate around pots, pans, measuring cups and ingredients with her summer cooking and baking classes.

“I think kids these days are extremely interested in spending time in the kitchen due to the popular cooking and baking shows for junior chefs. However, due to the nature of working parents and busy lifestyles, the kids don’t always get to put that interest to use,” said Stephens, who is the owner and personal chef at Season to Taste in Eagle. “Once your kids pick up some very valuable kitchen skills, they will be asking if they can make you dinner.”

Here, kids not only learn how to make pasta, sauces, soups and sweets like cookies and cupcakes, but they are also developing leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills.

“I aim to make it fun, educational and 100 percent hands on so that your budding chef is prepped to enjoy cooking and preparing meals for their lifetime.”

They may even expand their palates.

“Often times kids will be more willing to try something if they had a hand in making it,” Stephens said.

Although Stephens offers some cooking and baking camps for 5 and 6 year olds, the majority of the campers are ages 8 through 14. The camps are broken up into appropriate age groupings so that each camper gets the most out of their experience.

“In early June, I had a great group of older kids, most of whom were boys and they loved it, they were going to make Father’s Day dinner with the skills they learned.” Stephens said.

“I love making pasta in class with the kids because it is so hands on and they love seeing how two very simple ingredients combined with just their hands can create a beautiful bowl of delicious pasta that is better than any boxed pasta they’ve ever had,” Stephens said.

To see how much fun these kids were having at Stephens’ cooking and baking camp, watch today’s video. For more information, please visit Want to make pasta? Here’s the recipe Stephens had the kids follow:


1 Egg
1 Cup of flour
Make a “well” with the flour
Crack egg in well
Whisk the egg inside the well drawing in flour as you go
When the egg and flour are combined well enough move away excess flour, trying to keep clean flour separated from dirty flour
Knead by hand until a soft, smooth round dough ball forms, adding flour as needed so it’s not sticky.
Wrap in plastic and rest for 20-30 minutes
Using a pasta crank or rolling pin, roll out very thin
Using a pasta crank or knife, cut pasta to desired shape
Toss in semolina or hang to dry to keep from sticking to each other
Boil water and cook for about 3 minutes and enjoy!

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