Kids say you would be lucky to shovel manure |

Kids say you would be lucky to shovel manure

EAGLE ” Shoveling poop? It’s not so bad.

That’s what the 4-H kids at the Eagle County Fair say about their mix of chores.

“I’ve been doing it long enough. I’m used to it ” it’s easy,” said Hunter Ferguson, an 11-year-old 4-Her.

Chores that involved carrying heavy loads ” such as feeding ” ranked lowest, while cleaning up manure was said to be the easiest by many of the 4-H kids.

4-H is a youth program that focuses on hands-on experience. The H’s stand for: Head, Heart, Hands and Health. Aged 5 to 18, the kids enrolled in the program here participate in the fair’s events, but are also responsible for keeping the animals and their stalls clean and well-maintained.

Stalls are actually judged three times a day, and those with the cleanest areas will win awards. “They look to see no mess, no poop in the pens, and also to see if the animal is well-fed and watered,” said Kendra Parker, 14.

When it comes to disposing of vast amounts of poo, there’s a method to it all. The young caretakers mix wood shavings and sawdust with the manure and pile it next to a large Dumpster.

A smooth operation, the mound looks only like a pile of wood shavings, and it barely smells due to the amount of shavings piled on top. The fact that it has been placed in plain view in front of the barn suggests that at a county fair, towering piles of manure are no big deal.

At the end of the fair, it is shoveled into a Dumpster and disposed of at the landfill. A small percentage of it may be kept as fertilizer.

Vail, Colorado

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