Kids take custody issues into their own hands |

Kids take custody issues into their own hands

Daily Staff Report

GYPSUM – A 12-year-old Gypsum boy, unhappy with his living situation, took matters into his own hands.The boy was upset over custody arrangements following his parents’ divorce. His mother had a new boyfriend, and worked outside of the home, allegedly leaving he and his 9-year-old sister home alone. The boy telephoned his father, indicated he was scared, and said he wanted to live with his dad. The father called the cops, seeking a welfare check.However, before a deputy arrived, the two kids walked to a local restaurant, called 911 and asked for help. The frantic mother, upon discovering her kids missing from home, also called the Sheriff’s Office for help.The upset mom told her kids to make a choice about where they wanted to live. At a deputy’s urging, the children were allowed to go to their dad’s home for the night.Health and Human Services workers will help the family sort out their living situation.

EDWARDS An Edwards mom contacted the county cops after allegedly finding evidence her 13-year-old son had been smoking marijuana.A couple of friends had been visiting the boy for the night. The mom smelled something burning, then confronted her son after allegedly finding cotton swabs in the bathroom with marijuana-like residue.She brought her son into the sheriff’s office for a drug test, which allegedly proved positive.The teen allegedly claimed the incident was his first pot-smoking experience, and said his friends were not involved. His parents, who didn’t believe him, withdrew all of his privileges, and contacted the parents of the other boys to arrange a discussion of the issue.Because the parents were handling the incident, the Sheriff’s Office did not press charges.

A Minnesota teen found trouble after he allegedly walked out of a store in Beaver Creek carrying a shot glass that he hadn’t paid for.When the store manager caught up with the kid a short distance outside the store, the boy allegedly said he just wanted to show the item to his parents, who were shopping next door. The boy offered to pay for the shot glass.The store owner chose to pursue charges, despite the objections of the parents.The boy was charged on suspicion of misdemeanor theft.

An upset motorist contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report an apparent road rage incident on Interstate 70.The driver said he was headed westbound, near Eagle-Vail, when a semi-truck came up behind him, high beams flashing. The motorist said the truck allegedly tried to push him off the road. Then he heard a loud “pop,” and his windshield broke.Offices were unable to track down the suspect truck.

The principal at Edwards Elementary School reported that a third-grader allegedly brought a BB gun to school. The boy allegedly took the weapon from another student’s house, and had packed it around in his backpack. The incident came to light when the boy allegedly showed the weapon to friends on the school bus.The gun was returned to the owner. The boy got a lecture from a sheriff’s deputy. The school will handle further discipline.

• The principal at Gypsum Creek Middle School reported that a student allegedly came to school with a small vial of marijuana. The boy allegedly told authorities that he got it from his sister. The investigation is ongoing.• Deputies reported that a prisoner suffered a bump on the head and a bruised shoulder when he fell while getting out of a patrol car at the county jail.The prisoner’s hands were handcuffed in front of him, and he apparently tripped while exiting the vehicle. An ambulance was summoned, and the prisoner was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center. A CAT scan indicated the injuries were not substantial.The prisoner, who was being picked up on a an outstanding warrant, admitted to drinking three beers before his arrest.Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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