Kids wax mysterious in Eagle County |

Kids wax mysterious in Eagle County
Eagle County, CO Colorado
Irving Castillo's Halloween drawing

EAGLE, Colorado ” Second-graders at Eagle Valley Elementary School in Eagle, Colorado are so creative it’s spooky.

Here are some of the stories and illustrations they came up with for a recent Halloween assignment.

One Halloween night, the doorbell rang. Pete opened the door … nobody was there.

It was a ghost!

He was big and white, but he disappeared out of sight. Pete found footprints made out of ink on the floor. They lead him to the attic and then Pete found a big white sheet. He also found shoes with ink on the bottom.

The shoes belonged to his dad. Then he knew his dad had put ink on the bottom of his shoes and put the sheet on top of him.

Pete had solved the mystery.

Yessi, Alex and I were following the hand all over Eagle. The hand was walking because it didn’t want to be used.

It ran faster than me!

Alex was the one who lost her hand. She is the bigger one ” she’s 13. But something happened, the hand wasn’t there anymore.

I was scared. Yessi found blood and we followed the blood. Alex said, “I remember that my hand has a bracelet that I can tell the hand what to do.”

Then Yessi and I said, “Tell the hand what do to!”

She told the hand and she got her hand back, but her finger was missing. It was gross.

Once there was a haunted house down in a forest. But there were houses next to the haunted house.

Nine kids came running out of their houses. Then they saw the haunted house and went in. And as soon as they stepped on the floor, the floor fell and they fell in a tunnel.

A slime monster came! And a skeleton came too!

And we all ran away and we found a door to get out of the haunted house. We ran away and we never went to the haunted house.

One day, someone’s skeleton lived at his house. One spooky night, the skeleton went somewhere else. When the humans woke up, they saw the skeleton was gone.

They went to look for him. They first looked at the beach, but he wasn’t there. Then they looked at the skeleton’s favorite place. All they saw was blood but where was the skeleton?

But then, in a second, they saw they skeleton. They hugged him and they went home.

There was a little ghost named Little D. He was so happy but one day his mom and dad were missing. Then he was so mad.

Then a Frankenstein came. Little D said, “Can you help?” and the Frankenstein said

“Yes.” Somebody was chasing him too and he wanted help too.

Then Little D got lucky, he found his mom and dad. They were just on vacation in Denver.

We went to trick-or-treat at houses. We saw skeleton dog. When we looked back something was coming out of my house.


We ran to my house to open the door and the skeleton dog came with us. The skeleton dog scared the witch. She went out of the house. We said, “Yes!”

A little girl and her brothers went trick-or-treating. They told the little girl to go into the haunted house.

She went in and they snuck in after her and they hid. Then they jumped out and scared her. But then the ghost jumped out and scared them all! And they ran out of the house.

The end … or it is?

There was a little girl. Her mom and dad went to Denver. Her mom said, “If someone knocks, don’t answer it.”

“OK,” said the little girl.

There was a knock on her door. She opened the door and nothing was there. There was another knock. She opened the door and there was a tarantula!

It climbed on her head. Then the tarantula disappeared. She shook very badly.

Then another knock. The girl opened the door and a little boy said, “Trick-or-treat!”

The boy was her brother. Then there was a bat. It bit her brother, he got sick.

The kids were trick-or-treating. They saw a spooky house and went inside. And then the spooky house’s doors closed by themselves.

Inside were the kids. They pushed the spooky door and then the kids heard somebody coming. The kids were very afraid when they saw the big monster.

The kids pushed and the spooky house doors opened. The kids ran as fast as they could.

Next Halloween, kids will come back to the spooky house.

There was a little girl, Genny, and her dog. They lived in Eagle. Genny’s dog was missing.

Genny saw a ghost. It took her to the cemetery, When she got there she saw a ghost dog and screamed.

She went home and her mom was worried. She solved the mystery. The dog turned into a ghost and it was at the cemetery.

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