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Kimberley’s Fine Jewelry at The Edwards Corner

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What goods or services do you provide?

Kimberley’s offers a very wide-ranging selection of jewelry, from diamond-encrusted watches to colored gemstones, Mexican silver bracelets with ebony and pink wood, a full range of bridal sets, and pearls of many different sizes, shapes and colors.

Kimberley’s carries lines from Mexico, Spain, Italy, the South Pacific and the United States, many of them from local artists and jewelry makers. Kimberley’s also shows and sells paintings from a local artist who spends his summers in Minturn and his winters in Belize.

We not only sell jewelry but offer battery replacements, jewelry repair, complimentary inspections and cleaning, as well as custom design.

We also work closely with a local jeweler to manufacture your custom design pieces as well as conducting appraisals through a trusted source that we have used for over 15 years who can assist you in your insurance needs and replacement needs in case of loss or theft.

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What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition?

Kimberley is not only the owner, she is the on-premise expert.

After spending over a year looking at the various jewelry stores in the area, she concluded that even though each store had nice lines, no single store brought a complete line of jewelry that is designed to fit everyone’s budget, no matter if you are looking for the most beautiful 5-karat diamond ring or an inexpensive necklace that matched the outfit you were going to wear out that night to a concert.

With that in mind, Kimberley started to look at various lines that could cover the needs of a larger section of the valley, while trying to make sure she did not carry a line that was already available at one of the other jewelry stores in the area.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers?

Kimberley’s was designed with every customer in mind. The customer seating area is for those who wish to come in and just chill, while their friends shop. The custom-made displays put most items at eye level, giving one the impression of being in an art gallery rather than a jewelry store.

Kimberley also is not one to wear a suit to work. She likes the mountain casual style and she welcomes everyone and even their dogs ” if well behaved ” into her store. You may hear rock ‘n’ roll or country, news or sports on the satellite radio at any given time.

She will take the time to get to know you so she can assist in picking the right piece and she will give you time to just wander without interruption.

What led you to start a business here?

After spending her entire 46 years in Washington state, Kimberley visited Eagle County in early summer of 2003. Upon returning to Seattle, she decided a change was necessary and immediately packed up and moved to Avon. Since then, Kimberley spent some time working in retail in Beaver Creek before embarking on her own with the opening of her store in September of this year. She loves to hike and camp but has yet to try skiing even though she is feeling the pressure from others.

Tell us a little about your background and experience:

This is Kimberley’s first foray into owning her own business. She

successfully managed several jewelry businesses in the Pacific Northwest over the past 26 years.

Vail Colorado

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