Kimberly White |

Kimberly White

Your full name: Kimberly White

Nickname: Kimmy, Kim, Blondie and Purple Princess

Your school: Battle Mountain

How many years in the valley: Eight

Siblings: Sarah

Names of parent(s): Ken and Meredith

My parents named me this because: They loved the name

I’m sick of hearing my parents say: “Have you filled out that scholarship application yet?” (Mom)

What are your plans for after graduation: CU-Boulder … Go Buffs

Where would like to see yourself in 10 years: Living in California, married, a middle school counselor and girls b-ball coach

What will you miss most about high school: Hanging out with my best friends Sara, Krystal, Val and Sarah, and playing basketball with the coolest girls I know

What will you miss least about high school: 1/2 hour lunches

Favorite memory during high school: My junior year of basketball, my 17th b-day party (I will never forgive you girls), spring break 2004 and music videos

Who do you most admire and why: My mom, dad and sister, because they have always supported and encouraged me

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Welch, Mr. Caudill and Mr. Kirk

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why: Ben Affleck, because I have always had a crush on him

I’m looking forward to … making new friends and meeting new people in college

I can’t believe … my little sister will be in high school next year

Most people don’t know I … love the color purple (J.K.!) I love to waterski and have traveled to New Zealand and Australia

Favorite meal: French toast, mashed potatoes, pina coladas and chocolate milk

Advice for younger students: Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

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