Kitchen Tune-Up does fast, practical kitchen makeovers |

Kitchen Tune-Up does fast, practical kitchen makeovers

Connie Steiert

There are few surfaces in a home that become worn as quickly as kitchen cabinetry. Moisture, scratches from pots and pans, and constant use by every member of the household can wear off finishes or cause damage to woods. Even if your kitchen is in mint condition, interior styles change every few years.The good news is updating your kitchen cabinets is a surefire way to give your whole kitchen a brand new look. But a kitchen makeover can sound like a financial and practical nightmare to homeowners. Not, however, if you give your kitchen a Kitchen Tune-Up. Warren Lawrence’s Kitchen Tune-Up of Eagle will come right to your home, with samples, catalogs, and a whole range of options to refurbish your kitchen.And Kitchen Tune-Up’s slogan is “Kitchen solutions for any budget.””Typically, a restoration is one-third to one-half the cost of new cabinets,” says Lawrence. Kitchen Tune-Up, a national franchise, has three basic ways to give your kitchen a stirring makeover: restoring, re-facing and replacing. If you still love your cabinets, but think they are getting a bit worn, Kitchen Tune-Up can restore cabinets and woods, removing scratches and water rings, filling gouges and re-applying finishes to match the original cabinets. The company’s one-day tune-up process starts with a patented cleaning, which removes all contaminants, even those deep within the wood fibers. Then Kitchen Tune-Up custom matches colorings to conceal wear or damage, finishing with exclusive Konditioning Oil to restore needed nutrients in the wood. Lawrence says most people think restoring is a matter of sanding and refinishing. “It’s just not true,” he said. “We remove contaminants on wood, match colors, fill up fiber with oil and get them looking lustrous.” A typical tune-up costs $500 and the company also offers an entire line of hardware to choose from to give existing cabinets an updated look. Whereas kitchen remodels often cost homeowners $10,000 and up, a Kitchen Tune-Up re-facing costs $2,000 and up, depending on the wood selected. Yet, Lawrence points out that a kitchen redo can help return as much as 95 percent to 100 percent on a homeowner’s investment.However, maybe you are ready for a more dramatic style change in your kitchen, and want to refresh a dated look. Kitchen Tune-Up can replace the doors on existing cabinetry, totally changing the style and look of your cabinets. The doors are custom built to suit your kitchen.For most work, Kitchen Tune-Up is in and out in two days.”We can go in and be out without upsetting a condo or business,” Lawrence says.

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