Kiwi International Delights & Coffee Co.

A selection of freshly pressed juices. | Kiwi International Delights & Coffee Co. | EAT Magazine Summer 2016
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Frozen delights:
$3 - $7.50;
light fare:
$6.95 - $10.95

Cozy dessert destination with light dining options
Signature dish
All-natural frozen juice bars
Yes, absolutely

142 E. Beaver Creek Place | Avon | 970.949.4777

The kid in you can’t help but smile when you walk into Kiwi International Delights & Coffee Co. in Avon to find row upon row of ice creams, gelatos and sorbets with eye-popping colors that span the full spectrum. And the adult in you will feel good knowing that the frozen treats handcrafted in the Kiwi kitchen contain no artificial flavors or ingredients and no refined sugar. With a commitment to sourcing quality, organic ingredients, Kiwi’s health-conscious approach applies to all of its frozen treats as well as its crêpes, smoothies, and coffee drinks served in styles from across the globe.

“All of our juices and smoothies are made at the moment they’re ordered,” says owner Martha Trillo. “We don’t bottle or store them in advance, so we’re able to offer each person the freshest, healthiest juice drinks and smoothies possible.” The same healthy ethic that goes into these beverages goes into Kiwi’s frozen fruit bars, which come in more than 40 flavors. Plus, Kiwi accommodates a variety of dietary considerations, with many vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options available.

Blended Balance

Balance is the key to creating frozen delights, smoothies, and juices that taste good. Kiwi chooses fruit and vegetable combinations that complement each other, testing the results until desired flavors are enhanced while others fade into the mix. As much of the natural fiber as possible is also retained in the blending process to achieve maximum nutritional value.

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With natural fruit juices, honey, agave nectar or coconut sugar as sweeteners, the focus here is on authentic flavor instead of an over-the-top sugar buzz. “You won’t find any white sugar in this kitchen,” Trillo adds. She’s given artificial flavors the nix, too, blending superfine minced mint, for example, into the mint chocolate chip ice cream for a taste that’s as subtle and refreshing as it is real.

Kiwi also serves light fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to its international coffee selection. Not-to-miss menu items include sweet and savory crêpes, with smoked salmon or chicken and red bell pepper as lunchtime favorites and sweet treats that include the banana and Nutella crêpe topped with strawberry ice cream and chocolate sauce. And with 50 frozen flavors available at any given time from Kiwi’s 160-plus-flavor repertoire, you’ll have many options to choose from for your affogato, the Italian-inspired dessert coffee that drowns ice cream or gelato in espresso for a frothy, drinkable delight.

Finally, Kiwi International Delights & Coffee Co. is a place you’ll want to return to over and over again because it’s simply not possible to take in so many exciting ice cream, gelato, and sorbet flavors — chili chocolate, lavender, avocado, roasted fig, tiramisu — at once.

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