Knobel bides his time |

Knobel bides his time

This is deduction pushed to pure speculation. No one has suggested this. No one told us. But here’s what’s behind Peter Knobel pulling his new Crossroads from the Vail Town Council’s now split consideration, 4-3 opposed: The Town Council election in November. Yep, it’s obvious. Why chisel what should have been built yesterday when there’s a decent chance of getting a council inclined to follow the town planning commission’s unanimous approval?Maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t. But this course makes more sense now than continuing with this old guard-new guard tug-of-war for the future of Vail.All four incumbents who are eligible get re-elected and the same fissures survive, fine. Sit on the old Crossroads, the surface parking lot, the tired building, the duct-taped movie theater, that something short of “world-class” Vail. No matter. The village is dressing up. The Front Door project is shoving forward. Tired old is giving way to fresh and new over in Lionshead.Let Crossroads wear down some more. Maybe West Vail will have rebuilt by then. Maybe the “Ruins” will have become something other than a great set for Hamlet or somesuch.Sooner or later, though, the citizens will seat a council that understands that this “monstrous” design rising a whole 113 feet by the interstate isn’t so monstrous or even so large. Yesterday’s “huge” is today’s, or tomorrow’s, quaint. It will just take some patience at this point. Vail, Colorado

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