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Know thy style

Laura A. Ball
Vail Daily/Laura A. BallKey-hole neck sweater from the Minturn Rummage Sale.

Style begins with a glimmer in the eye.You know the one.You walk into a store and you see a pair of brown leather boots that you know you simply can’t live without. They would look amazing with that flirty chiffon frock hanging in your closet. They would be perfect to tuck your favorite jeans into.Is it love? Is it lust? Who cares? They’re you.

Know that glimmer. Listen to it. It’s a primal instinct.It is the sense of self that births authentic style, the kind that cannot be faked or duplicated, the kind that makes you radiate with confidence.Don’t be persuaded to buy anything. You must know what you’ll wear – a lot.If you’re in tune with that style, you can shop at Roxy or the Thrifty Shoppe and walk out feeling your best.If style doesn’t come as naturally to you, ask yourself these questions while you’re shopping. How do you feel about yourself, your life, your age, why you’re buying it, are you buying it for you? Where are you going to wear it? What will you wear it with? If these questions aren’t answered in a positive light, you may want to put the credit card away. Whatever your style is – retro, boho, thirties Hollywood – it’s also important to know when to pay the high price for fashion and when you can save a pretty penny. Then the key is to mix and match your high-end and thrifty finds to create a look that’s truly you.

Wise buysDesigner jeansSevens, Joes, Citizens of Humanity, Rock and Republic, True Religion, constructing jeans is a true craft only a growing number of designers are cashing in on. If you own a pair, you know what I’m talking about. The way you’ll feel when you wear them is worth every penny. And with jeans considered appropriate attire these days for everything but weddings and funerals, it’s worth the investment.Winter coat

Fashion and egalitarianism will never mix, so if you’re going to splurge on something this season, a coat is an investment you won’t regret – over and over and over again. There’s nothing quite so warming amid winter’s chill than a jacket that makes you glow when you wear it, like slipping into an exquisite piece of costume jewelry. — Undergarments Undergarments are as important with your clothes on as they are off. The fit is key to comfort and creating shape. Pay the price for a handful of undergarment staples and you won’t regret it. They’ll last longer and give you a quiet confidence all day long.Saving Shoes

Sitting on the subway in New York City, the girl next to me wears perfectly polished brown leather boots. There’s something about them, something that begs to ask who this person really is. Does she know? I look down at my own, purchased from Beacon’s Closet, a fabulous second-hand in Brooklyn. I couldn’t feel more at home. There’s no steadfast rule about shoes. I love my designer shoes as much as my $5 Chinese slippers from China Town. It’s one shopping arena stands deftly on both side of the ring, so mix it up. Have you ever been to e-Bay?HandbagsKnock-off designer bags look so real these days, I can’t tell the difference without looking on the inside pocket for the label. My philosophy? If you can’t afford the real thing, why not be original and find something that’s truly you? Besides, have you been to Target lately? JewelryNow this is where flea markets come in. What some may consider leftovers are sometimes leftovers, but sometimes it’s what someone else was too insensitive to see as a gem. You can find beautiful vintage pieces only to become cherished stand-out pieces in your wardrobe.

MiscellaneousHonestly, Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite places to stock up on hats, scarves and mittens. My new favorite belt is from Wal-Mart. My favorite skirt? TJ Maxx. The point is, if you put in a little effort, you’ll get style that’s priceless.Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14641, or, Colorado

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