Knox Galleries of Beaver Creek: Martha Pettigrew |

Knox Galleries of Beaver Creek: Martha Pettigrew

Daily Staff Report
Vail Daily/Bret Hartman"Rebecca," by Martha Pettigrew, bronze

A bachelor’s degree in fine art and many years of experience as an illustrator for the Nebraska State Museum helped mold Martha Pettigrew into the sculptor she is today. Her exposure to the historical aspects of the lives of the Western tribes during her museum work inspired her choice of subjects.

Adept with a pencil and a sketch pad, Martha often creates drawings of the subject matter before she begins a piece. She describes her creative process as one that is ever-changing, evolving as she works the clay.

“I work intensely, both mentally and physically,” says Pettigrew. “My pieces often change greatly between the original concept and the finished work. I may decide at any point to make radical changes for increased expression. I enjoy the physical work of beginning a piece just as much as executing the fine, details and textures.

“I design each piece abstractly, from all angles, creating a feeling of monumentality.”

Pettigrew enjoys working in large scale and said she loves the challenge of public placement of her work.

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