Knox Gallery hosts sculptor, painter and jewelry designer Vala Ola during Beaver Creek Art Fest |

Knox Gallery hosts sculptor, painter and jewelry designer Vala Ola during Beaver Creek Art Fest

"Catch and Release," by Vala Ola.
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Knox Gallery in Beaver Creek Plaza is hosting renowned sculptor, painter and jewelry designer Vala Ola in the gallery during the 26th annual Beaver Creek Arts Festival, Saturday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ola, a professional member of the National Sculpture Society, passionately and relentlessly seeks to create artworks that show her excellence. She is a native of Iceland and her classical training in Europe is reflected in her art. Ola’s figurative bronze sculptures are noted for their depth of expression and emotion. A reverence for the technique of the old masters has earned her great recognition, museum shows and awards.

“The bronze gives me an opportunity to mold the sense of life into an everlasting form,” Ola said. “From the force of a muscle in motion to a tender human emotion expressed. That along with the abstract quality of composition is what inspires me. When painting, I get to play with colors as well as composition”

As well as a sculptor, Ola has also created a line of exquisite jewelry of miniature sculptures. Inspired by her figurative bronzes in sterling silver, gold and gemstones, they are exclusive wearable fine art pieces.

She won the Icelandic Design Excellence Award, had two entries at the Smithsonian Young Illustrator’s competition and became her countries sole representative at the Nordic Graphic Design & Illustration Awards. Ola is also a portrait artist for families and dignitaries. Winner of the Best Figurative Award 2006 at the annual International Guild of Realism show, she currently lives in the U.S.

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For more information, call Knox Galleries at 970-949-5564 or visit http://www.knox

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