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Kobe Kronicles: A reporter’s notebook

It can now be told. Just yesterday we told the world that someone leaked the jury questionnaire and a list of 120 people connected to the case to a network news organization.

We tut-tutted that such leaks are simply awful. Of course, they’re only awful when they’re not leaked to us.

This one went to Rick Salinger and Andrea Lopez of KCNC-TV, Denver’s CBS affiliate. Between stints on camera, Salinger can be seen with his arms in the air doing the Rocky dance.

The Eagle County courthouse lawn looks like a high-tech tent city in squatter town, with the dozen or so television tents.

It was all fine and wonderful during the winter when the foliage had fallen. But in the summer, with everything engorged in Rocky Mountain splendor, a few of those pesky leaves were getting in the shot of Channel 9, Denver’s ABC affiliate.

Since they asked so nicely, Tom Ehrenberg from Eagle County showed up with his chain saw for a little tree surgery, opening the view corridors and preserving the public’s right to know what the front of the courthouse looks like when it’s broadcast on ABC.

But no one told state court officials the tree was slated for a little trim. One court worker went careening the length of the parking lot, ran up to the tree trimmer ” who was standing on a step ladder wailing away with his Stihl ” and started smacking him on the leg.

Tom took a dim view, exclaiming in strong and steady voice that smiting someone standing on a ladder with a running chain saw was a bona fide social faux pas. The court official quickly made amends, and Tom continued sawing.

Druids took an official stance opposing the Stihl Incident.

One of Eagle County’s Finest was keeping up with his administrative duties while sitting in his Ford Expedition in front of the courthouse, making sure the building was secured for All Things Kobean and the jurors who will decide where he’ll spend next winter.

Our Protector, though, killed the battery in his unit while running an on-board computer. The low-tech solution for the high-tech problem? Jumper cables.

One prospective juror, making a less than subtle statement that there’s more involved in this case than the future of the Los Angeles Lakers, brought two kids Monday to jury questioning.

The kids, taking their cues from the reporters in the room, were bored.

The ESPN crew entered a team in an upcoming dodgeball tournament. They pressed into service a bunch of their camera crew: Big, beefy guys with live arms who throw rising fastballs.

And because she’ll be hard to hit, they also recruited Court TV’s Grace Lee Wong. Grace Lee is nimble and from Noo Yawk. ESPN named their dodge squad “Eluda Pelota,” which, we’re told, is Spanish for dodgeball.

Randy Wyrick is covering the Kobe Bryant rape case for the Vail Daily. He can be reached at rwyrick@vaildaily.com.

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