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Kobe notes: The Kobe Chronicle continues

Best line of the day: Bryant’s defense co-counsel Harold Haddon, opening the cameras-in-the-courtroom arguments.

“It has been said that I oppose cameras in the countroom because I have bad hair. I suppose that’s the appearance of impropriety.”

Reporters are required to leave their cell phones on a table in the hall outside the courtroom. Easily the most entertaining, and probably most used, was a video poker game, popped down right in the middle of the pile ” a touch of electronic mockery in the midst of all that seriousness.

As they made their way through the metal detector and into the courthouse, one of the cell phones rang and a half dozen reporters jumped like it was The Showdown at the Okey Dokey Corral. Should they answer it, and perhaps intercept a message to a competitor? Or should they just keep having their version of moral dilemmas for the electronic age.

Assistant District Attorney Greg Crittenden, and man about town (it’s a small town), was spotted about town late last week in shorts, a sports shirt, accessorized by a shark-tooth necklace.

Soooo appropriate for the aspiring lawyer. You’ll be glad to know his necklace matched his shoes.

Court TV anchor Fred Graham was introduced in the cameras-in-the-courtroom argument. Other reporters immediately wondered when they would get introduced. Fred, it should be noted, is much more distinguished looking than the average print guy.

We were assured that trying to get cameras in the courtroom for Court TV is nothing like Ted Turner buying the Atlanta Braves to provide programming. Nope. Nothing like it.

And speaking of nothing like it, the Vail Daily (“Bringing Communities Together”) is proud to be among the only entities able to help prosecutors and defense attorneys see eye to eye. Neither one wants us around, at least not in their courtroom with cameras while there’s a trial going on. Can’t we all just get along?

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