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Kostick for Eagle mayor

Jan Rosenthal Townsend
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am endorsing Yuri Kostick as mayor of Eagle, and the main reason for that is that Eagle is in serious need of positive change and a fresh approach to the future. Yuri is a respected planner (working both for the town of Eagle and now Eagle County). He knows land development, budgeting, planning and dealing with the public, and is currently working on bringing a senior care center to Eagle, creating jobs, and a multi-generational aspect to our town.

Yuri is very concerned with the economy and job creation, yet is not in favor of the status quo, nor is he in favor of raising taxes. He is willing to look at more creative ways to find money for the town. He was responsible for helping write the language for and getting the new lodging tax instituted via a ballot issue (along with the Eagle Chamber and Lonnie Leto, general manager of the AmericInn who is running for a trustee seat). That small $2 tax (passed onto the hotel guest) will now help fund marketing and events for Eagle, with recreation being at the top of the list.

Yuri has been a town trustee the last four years and has exemplified good judgment and has embraced listening to the people’s concerns without interjecting his own personal agenda, and he has been able to consider all points of view while truly understanding and respecting the needs of many different people.

He has owned a business, is a good family man with a great wife and three darling boys, enjoys all the awesome quality-of-life things that our wonderful mountain town has to offer, but above all, he has a positive, progressive spirit and I believe he is the one to lead us down a more positive path during these challenging times.

Yuri is willing to compromise with others and recognizes that it takes a lot of collaboration with the business community, the voters and residents and it takes cooperation with other jurisdictions (like Gypsum) to truly capitalize on all that we can achieve as a town. As a trustee and as a founding member of One Eagle, which recently merged with the Eagle Chamber, Yuri has exemplified forward-thinking, an open mind and above all, respect for his constituents in all areas.

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Being a business owner and a past member of the board of the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce for 10 years, I have seen a lot of different leadership styles from our town leaders.

I believe that we need new blood and that our town should strive to be unique and that we should try to expand on (instead of eliminate) our unique smalltown character.

Being present at town hall meetings for countless nights, months and years, I believe that we need a mayor who can bring a fresh perspective to this community, be engaged and actually appreciate citizens and business owners who want to have a voice in our future.

Jan Rosenthal Townsend

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