Kris Sabel tells what’s next at the Vilar Center |

Kris Sabel tells what’s next at the Vilar Center

Kris Sabel Vail CO, Colorado
AE Kris Sabel 12-28-06 KH

This is a bye week for the Vilar Center as we are taking a break after a very busy holiday season. If you joined us last week for The Ahn Trio, I trust you were impressed with the musicianship and joy of the evening. We have a big line up for Martin Luther King Holiday weekend with The von Trapp Children, The Chieftains and comedian Josh Blue, all of which I will talk about next week. Coming up in February we have some spectacular dance programs with Paul Taylor Dance Company, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Joe Goode Performance Group. Although I realize dance is not everyone’s cup of tea, I encourage you to check out these companies on our Web site ( and give dance a chance. Ballet? Modern? Classical? Contemporary? The performance you choose can be a more complicated decision process than any popular concert where you already know the work and can sing along with the songs.On Feb. 3 we present Paul Taylor Dance Company, arguably one of the most celebrated dance companies in the world. The Vilar Center is their only Colorado performance, and one of only 10 on this national tour.

Considered by many to be the greatest living choreographer today, Taylor started out with Martha Graham in the ’50s, as well as with other notable choreographers Merce Cunningham and George Balanchine. At the Vilar Center, the company will perform a varied and accessible program of masterpieces. “Company B” is set to the hits of the Andrews Sisters and portrays life in 1940s America. “Esplanade,” one of Taylor’s signature works, is set to the music of JS Bach and is a light-hearted, sunny piece. “Polaris,” the middle piece is a much deeper work than the other two and is a study in contrasts with strong lighting and dramatic costuming. I hope you will join us for this rare opportunity to see one of the world’s premiere dance companies – you won’t be disappointed. Kris Sabel has been involved in all facets of performing arts for nearly 40 years, and he is passionate about bringing new audiences to live art. Contact Sabel at (970) 949-1999 or

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