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La Scala, Eagle, Italian cuisine

Nicole Frey
Vail CO, Colorado
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La Scala

1143 Capitol St., Eagle


The art of the salad

With infinite variations of ingredients and dressings, salads can be tricky territory. Even if you love hazelnuts, escarole, and tangerines, the flavors may clash when you toss them all together. At La Scala, salads have been elevated to an art form. Those in a lighter mood will appreciate the arugula and cherry salad with spinach, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts and herbed goat cheese with a honey-shallot vinaigrette. Those desiring something heavier can dig into the Baby Iceberg with crispy pancetta – Italian for bacon – grape tomatoes, fried shallots and a creamy garlic-basil dressing.

For the masses

Originally sticking to just Italian cuisine, owners Raul Mejia and Jennifer Rizza are branching out.

“We realized we’d want to put something on the menu like a Greek salad, but we couldn’t do it because it wasn’t Italian,” Rizza said. “Now we’re not feeling so confined to Italian.”

The pair traded more exotic dishes like osso bucco for American dishes like Southern-style pork chops and hamburgers. Even the wine list in getting an international makeover, now including more Australian, French and American vintages. But favorites like the butternut squash ravioli and sweet Italian sausage and spinach pasta remain on the menu.

New and improved:

Rizza and Mejia have also added a pizzetta of the day. Recently, head chef Mejia piled salmon, basil and goat cheese on the grilled flatbread and paired it with a Rotari, Prosecco to create a delightful appetizer. Move on to the Delmonico steak – a 10 oz. delight with pepper and rosemary rub topped with brandy-red wine butter. A scallion potato cake and mixed summer squash ratatouille rounds out the meal. Sip a spicy Firestone, Cabernet Sauvingnon with your steak to fully appreciate the feast.


Children under 10 can score a free bowl of spaghetti Tuesdays and Sundays.

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