Labs still top dog in Denver, nationwide |

Labs still top dog in Denver, nationwide

Alan Gathright
Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” Labrador retrievers continue their reign as the top dog in Denver, Colorado and nationwide, according to the 2008 most popular breed registrations tallied by the American Kennel Club.

But jowly bulldogs are muscling their way higher on the Top 10 most popular American breed ranking in the Mile High City and nationally.

Lab lovers need not worry.

For the 18th straight year, their water-loving labs kept their hold on the America’s No. 1 breed ranking like a slobbering grip on a well-worn tennis ball.

Yet, while more than twice as many labs were registered last year than any other breed, the undaunted bulldog continues to “amble its way up the list,” the AKC reported today.

In 2007, the bulldog cracked the top Top 10 national ranking for the first time in 72 years.

In the latest ranking, the Churchillian canines clung to the No. 4 spot in Denver, while waddling up to the eighth most popular breed nationally.

“Active, outdoorsy Denver residents appreciate the same sporty qualities in their dogs, so their Top 10 features manly Sporting and Working breeds such as the Lab, Boxer Rottweiler, and German Shorthaired Pointer,” said AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “These are great dogs to take on long walks or hikes ” only the Yorkshire Terrier is meant solely for companionship.”

As the AKC celebrates its 125th Anniversary in 2009, it now recognizes 161 breeds ” far more than the mere 9 kinds of canines it registered in 1884.

Those first breeds reflected dogs working roles in the 19th Century: from the Pointer and Chesapeake Bay Retriever to English, Gordon and Irish Setters.

The full lists:

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