Lack of prayer |

Lack of prayer


Bigots at work

It’s becoming clearer by the day where the Vail Daily’s bigoted dogmatic brand of so-called liberalism is going, but this was an all time low on Monday to print the obscenely pornographic picture of two males engaged in kissing. At a time when the Catholic Church is marred in depravity but is at least facing its crimes at last and trying to do something about it, all the editors of the Vail Daily can do is to indulge themselves with repulsive and obscene pictures. What’s in store for us next? Does your good newspaper next intend printing pictures of kids being molested and pretending that’s OK too in the name of liberalism? Or does it intend an agenda including more repugnant versions of the obscene illustration inflicted on us on Monday. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to print enlargements of real cockroaches rather than subhumans imitating that level of life?

In name of safety

I’m calling in regards to the article in the Vail Daily Wednesday on the male suspect in Avon standing by a woman’s bed. It sickens me greatly to see this happen again in a town, Avon, that supposedly has no crime problem and no gang problem. the similarities in this case are the suspect is the same type of suspect as in the first case, except just a little taller. In Colorado, we have a “make my day” law, so everybody should keep a bat, or a steel bar, or a gun by the bed, loaded. If someone’s in your house, blow “em away, and I don’t think that will happen anymore. What has happened to our community? Everyone needs to think and call their senator and congressmen and say we don’t want this happening anymore, because obviously the police don’t want anything to do with federal laws, and the feds can’t do their job, so a solution must be reached or our quality of life will continue to go downhill quickly.

Questionable values

Support Local Journalism

In response to “Our language” in the May 1 Tipsline, what do you mean by the phrase “our language”? There are Hispanics here who are native born and they still speak Spanish. Their ancestors have been in the Southwest for longer than any one else’s ancestors except the Native Americans. Should we stamp out all the Native American languages in this country? Should we prohibit speaking French in Louisiana? Should we prohibit Latin in the Roman Catholic Church? If everyone had to know English before they came here, a bunch of us never would have been born. There has been generation after generation of immigrants since the founding of this nation. A lot of them did not speak English when they arrived, and a lot of the first generation parents did not gain a very high mastery of English. I’ve worked in the golf course area for 17 years. I’ve seen a number of people run the stop sign at Blue Cow Chute. These people have way less of an excuse, as they can read a stop sign in English. I recommend a grade school level class in American history and social studies for you. You obviously don’t know much about what it means to be an American, and the values upon which this country was founded and has developed.

They don’t help us

This is in regard to all the Tipslines called in about the Mexicans. I too am Hispanic and I agree with whoever called in about the speaking English. I believe if they’re in America, I was born and raised here, I learned English, they can learn English, too. We do not have to learn Mexican. Also, all priorities are being given to these people. Yesterday I was at the Vail Valley Medical Center. A girl was there with her son. They had no insurance, nothing. When they dismissed him, they automatically gave her a form and told her to fill it out and they would help her pay the hospital bill. What’s wrong here? She’s illegal here, no papers, no Social Security number, and they’re going to help her pay the bill? This is outrageous. They don’t help us. Why help them?

Too many closures

I’ve been living in the Vail Valley for over eight years and I’ve seen a lot of changes in the Vail Valley. One of the bigger changes is we’re losing bars and restaurants. We’ve lost over 10 of them, starting with Gateway, Hubcap, Club Chelsea I don’t believe is going to reopen, a lot of bars used to be consistently open and just no longer do a year round business anymore. We just continue to lose revenue in that particular area. We need to find out why and what can we do to make sure our community doesn’t fall apart. They talk about these big ideas and remodeling and all that stuff, but that’s only for the big guy. The little guys, if you’re not VA, they’re just closing shops left and right. Perfect example is Fresh Tracks, a little individual owner cannot afford to pay that kind of rent. What I’m saying is we need to look at the future for the locals, not only the remodels, but to see if they can afford to live here, and same with the leases for other small business owners.

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