Lake County man arrested for assault on Leadville Police Officer

Staff Report

Lake County, CO – Dylan Byrne Gregg of Leadville (Lake County) was arrested today on charges of assault upon a Leadville Police Officer stemming from an incident which occurred on Oct. 30, 2018, at his home, where police responded to a domestic assault in progress. The underlying incident was part of the criminal complaint filed today as well as another incident for violation of a protective order that occurred eleven days prior involving Gregg’s ex-wife.

In the October 30, 2018 incident Gregg was shot multiple times and was treated at a Front Range hospital after being air lifted. Earlier this week, Gregg, age 34, was released from the hospital. He was arrested today without incident at a home in Arvada.

He is being held without bond because the matter alleges instances of domestic violence. By law, a person must be seen by a judge before bond may be posted in a situation involving domestic violence. It is anticipated, because of the upcoming court holiday on Monday, that Gregg will be formally advised by a judge of charges in Lake County Court on Tuesday.

The case is being investigated by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Formal charges have already been filed today in Lake County Court.


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