Lake trout limits may rise at Summit County reservoir |

Lake trout limits may rise at Summit County reservoir

Julie Sutor
Summit County, CO, Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY – The Colorado Division of Wildlife is proposing to increase the daily catch limit on lake trout at Green Mountain Reservoir as part of a regular update to fishing regulations there.

The Division reassesses its fishing regulations every five years.

“We look at how we manage the fishery,” said Division of Wildlife fisheries biologist Jon Ewert. “We look at harvest rates and how the fishery is performing and then figure out if we can improve it.”

Green Mountain Reservoir is home to lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and Kokanee salmon. The Division of Wildlife stocks the reservoir with both rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon, partly to serve as food for lake trout. In the fall of 2007, officials began receiving reports that the salmon were infected with a parasite called gill lice. Since then, fishing for salmon has been inconsistent or consistently poor.

“Every once in awhile somebody will have a good day, but it’s not like it was in the past,” Ewert said. “The gill lice have had a major impact.”

As a result, the food supply for lake trout has waned, preventing them from reaching healthy sizes as adults.

“There are large numbers of lake trout, but they’re very skinny and in poor condition,” Ewert said.

Currently, the daily catch limit for trout in Green Mountain Reservoir is four trout, regardless of species. The division is proposing to increase the daily bag limit to eight lake trout and four brown and rainbow trout. Officials hope to thin the lake trout population, thereby reducing competition for food among individuals and allowing more lake trout to reach full size.

Division of Wildlife officials will host a public meeting in Heeney Friday evening to discuss the status of Green Mountain Reservoir’s fish populations and to seek feedback on the proposed changes to fishing regulations.

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