Lamm takes on a taboo |

Lamm takes on a taboo

Don Rogers

Is Dick Lamm Colorado’s Patrick Moynihan? Or just another has-been who has gone clear over the edge?The reaction to a speech he recently gave to the Vail Symposium, covered by the Daily and spread via The Associated Press, was pretty much all outrage.No one backed up the former governor’s assertion that Asian and Jewish cultures encourage achievement, while the Hispanic and black cultures lack this quality.The late U.S. Sen. Moynhihan, a fellow Democrat, raised similar hackles a few decades ago when he warned that single parenthood among the African-American community would lock this population in poverty.Research that dared cross the racial Rubicon supported Moynihan’s warning. Cold numbers similarly can be read to suggest evidence in Lamm’s remarks and observations in his latest book, “Two Wands, One Nation.”Parental influence – namely pushing – in a child’s education no doubt has everything to do with later success. Period. Regardless of cultures. But the statistics do show differences in achievement among ethnicities. Lamm’s conclusions have other leaders scurrying to condemn them. The anger certainly is real, and redolent of racism, which makes further discussion all the more difficult.Meantime, Colorado wrings its hands over the CSAP test ‘s continuing score gap. Is the elephant in the room a figment of Lamm’s imagination?Vail, Colorado

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