Landscape Logic: Coloradans pick U.S. flowers |

Landscape Logic: Coloradans pick U.S. flowers

Becky Garber
Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Colorado State University | Special to the Daily

Here’s a Colorado-proud moment: Many of the flower varieties not only enjoyed by us but the rest of the country get their start in Colorado. We’ve got what it takes to separate the fluff from the hardy – pounding hail, harsh winds, scorching sun, dry climate.

The rest of the country appreciates that if a petunia, geranium, impatiens, coleus or any of the rest of the annuals we love can survive in Colorado and keep on bloomin’, it can survive darn near anywhere.

The annual Flower Trials are taking place throughout the state. Industry pros, master gardeners, horticulturists and everyday residents who just love to garden all get to vote. You, too, can preview the many varieties of annuals – and vote for your favorites. Flowers also will be available for purchase, so you can be among the first to showcase the latest trends for 2013 a year ahead of schedule.

Trials continue through Tuesday at seven area garden centers. You can vote for flowers and participate in other events such as raffles, food tastings, ice cream socials and more.

The largest Flower Trial event will take place next week at Colorado State University, where about 800 varieties of annuals and a large assortment of perennials will be displayed for viewing and voting. The plants will be in place until the end of the season.

If you are delivering a student to CSU this fall, head over to the east side of the campus after the stuff has been dumped at the dorm. It’s a flower extravaganza you can’t afford to miss.

The winners selected from voting at all of these events will be available in 2013. And we will all take pride in knowing that the latest and greatest annuals for Colorado also will be dressing up landscapes across the country.

That’s a vote worth making.

Becky Garber is a member of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, of which Neils Lunceford, a landscaping company, is a member. You may contact them at 970-468-0340.

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