Landscape Logic: The gift from the garden – or the gardener – keeps on giving |

Landscape Logic: The gift from the garden – or the gardener – keeps on giving

Becky Garber
Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

Someone recently told me their family tradition on Christmas Eve is to savor their last ears of summer corn that were carefully wrapped in special paper and frozen.

I still have tomatoes picked from our back-lot garden the night before frost with the car headlights helping me find them in the dark. Couldn’t let them freeze on the vine!

If you’re a gardener, you know the joy of picking and sharing your harvest. You’ve also probably helped a newbie find fun in the dirt potting up pansies or growing some basil. There’s delight in helping another person capture the epiphany that you can wash the grime off your hands – but the love of the dirt gets under your skin and sinks to your heart. Working the soil is part passion, even more sweat, and it all culminates in the joy of the harvest and better food on the table.

In this season of giving, it’s good to remember we, too, can give back to Mother Nature, who has been so kind to us during the growing season.

• Throw some compost over your garden, even if you pitch it on top of the snow. That gift will come back to you next year throughout the gardening season.

• Give to the wildlife outdoors. Hang a bird feeder, and enjoy seeing the birds feast on the seed you leave for them. Make sure there is water, too.

• Be ready to water if the winter turns to the dry side as it did last year. Like us, the trees, shrubs, perennials and lawn need water to survive.

• Remember to recycle the Christmas tree so it can be repurposed as mulch.

Also think about sharing the gift that plants bring into our lives with those who are close to you:

• Take an amaryllis bulb or a whimsical fairy garden to a shut-in. Gardening can be enjoyed in just one pot.

• Give a landscape service such as tree pruning or lawn maintenance to someone who loves a nice yard but can no longer do the work.

• Create an herb garden for your favorite cook.

• Take small bouquets or small plants to residents of a local retirement center or nursing home. When even a picture of a landscape has been proven to be therapeutic in hospitals, just think what a real, live plant can do!

In the season of giving, we can find many ways to appreciate and share the bounty of Mother Nature.

Happy holidays !

Becky Garber is member of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, of which Neils Lunceford, a landscaping company, is a member. You may contact them at 970- 409-8945.

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