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Lapin offers answers

Don Rogers

However his development goes, give Merv Lapin credit for trying to help solve Eagle’s challenges.Red Mountain Ranch offers a compelling open space plan, along with the houses, shopping center and a big box proposition.He aims to address the town government’s financial pickle with services needed to homes already approved and not nearly enough revenue to do it.Now, if only he had something tangible for the old downtown on Broadway. The argument that more people would circulate in old town with a shopping center is frankly weak. Nah, the shoppers are far more likely to add to the town’s coffers without penetrating the town itself. There’s more of an argument that they will shop and go, thereby not much disturbing the smalltown feel of the core of this, well, small town.Broadway at peak cannot possibly provide the revenue the town needs. And it is far from peak. It’s too small, and too far from the freeway to offer much in the way of retail. The old downtown district would make a dandy spot for offices, restaurants and the like, though. And the Nearly Everything Store, of course.The Gateway area by the airport is much favored among the townspeople as the better place for big box development. Good luck bringing any of that in. The distance from the interstate (even with a behemoth interchange) and location under the airport flight path are big turn-offs for these retailers. Revenue sharing between Eagle and Gypsum is a great idea that ought to be nurtured no matter what happens with Lapin.But Eagle must hold the line on subsidizing Red Mountain’s construction. It’s one thing to allow this, quite another to help fund it. Lapin needs a better answer here. Vail, Colorado

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